Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Zasu Audio Visual?
Zasu Audio Visual provides professional AV equipment and experienced AV technicians to ensure a professionally executed event. Zasu Audio Visual demands perfection and excellence while providing a superior service for Hotel and Event AV clients. Our services have been utilized from non-profits to Fortune 500 companies and our mission is simple: “To become the new standard in Audio Visual Production.”

I work at a Hotel and we are not happy with our current Audio-Visual Provider. Can you help us?
Yes. Zasu Audio Visual has an excellent customer satisfaction and retention rate. We work regularly with Hotels and for their on-site and off-site needs. Please contact our sales office and we can schedule a sales agent to review your current operation and create a needs assessment list to implement a better provider for your property.

What is the motto of Zasu Audio Visual?
It is our goal to have Zasu Audio Visual become known as the “New Standard in Audio Visual.” Too often, clients have to settle for subpar companies with outdated equipment. Our equipment is constantly maintained and our technicians are professionally trained. This is what makes Zasu Audio Visual a prominent AV production and rental company for our partners and their clients.

What audio rental services does Zasu Audio Visual provide?
Zasu Audio Visual rents Public Address sound systems, Polycom conferencing, Push-to-talk microphone solutions, Non-Profit Auction Emcee (MC) sound systems, DJ sound systems, Band and Performance sound systems, and individual audio components for every application of audio production.

What Visual Rental services does Zasu Audio Visual provide?
Zasu Audio Visual rents HD presentation Monitors (up to 80”), HD Confidence Monitors, Standard and High Definition Projectors and Screen packages, 8mm Outdoor LED Video Walls, Seamless Presentation and Production Switchers/Scalers, professional Video Cameras and production accessories.

What Lighting Rental services does Zasu Audio Visual provide?
Zasu Audio Visual rents Multi-colored LED battery operated accent lights (commonly known as “Uplights”), Leko Spot Lights, general wash lights, manned follow spot lights, String Lighting, Japanese Lantern lighting, DJ dance lights with moving spot heads, and standard or customized Gobo capabilities (commonly used for Corporate Logos or stock gobo patterns).

What are the typical Hotel Meeting Support Items that Zasu Audio Visual provides?
In addition to audio-visual-lighting support for Hotels, Zasu Audio Visual rents custom sized Truss support, Crank-up Truss, Podiums (Wood Laminate models or Acrylic), Black, White, or Customized Pipe and Drape backdrops, Flipcharts, Power Aids, In-House Installation Services, Polycom systems with extension mics, laserjet multi-function printers, laptop computers pre-installed with Microsoft Office Suite (Both Apple and Windows), and power distribution components.

What application is Public Address (PA) sound system rentals used for?
Public Address, or "PA" sound system rentals are used when sound amplification is needed when presenters are speaking to a small or large audience. PA sound systems offer a dynamic audio presentation of clean controlled sound. PA sound systems usually consists of handheld, lapel, and/or headset wireless microphones, a mixing board on a black skirted media table (volume control), and two active speakers on adjustable height speaker stands. Other sound inputs (computer, Blu-ray player, MP3 player, iPods) can be plugged into the PA sound system through the mixing board for additional audio presentations and/or background music.

What application is a DJ sound system rental used for?
Zasu Audio Visual provides Technics 1210 Turntable DJ sound systems for the "club" DJ or basic DJ sound systems. The basic DJ sound system consists of two powered DJ speakers on adjustable speaker stands, a compact mixing board with a black skirted media table, a wired or wireless handheld microphone, and mini-plug cables for compatibility with the client's iPod, iPad, computer, or any other device containing the client's provided music.

What applications are Live Band and Performance sound systems used for?
Live Band and Performance sound system rentals are used to mix the sound of single or multiple performers, which is amplified evenly to a small or large audience. Live Band and Performance sound systems may also contain a stage monitor sound system, which provides a customized sound monitor mixes for the performers. Zasu Audio Visual also provides professional Live Band technicians and all the audio components needed for live performances.

What is a Non-Profit Auction Emcee (MC) Sound System package?
A Non-Profit Auction MC sound system package is a sound system specifically designed for the audio PA needs of a professional Auctioneer. Headquartered in Napa Valley’s Wine Country, Zasu Audio Visual is very experienced with supplying all the audio PA needs of a professional auction at a winery or other venue. An Auction MC sound system consists of multiple active speakers on adjustable speaker stands, multiple handheld and lapel wireless microphones, different size mixing boards for multiple audio inputs, experienced technicians, and any other audio component needed for MC presentations.

What are HDTV presentation monitor rentals commonly used for?
HDTV presentation monitors are commonly used for power point / keynote presentations, still image slideshows, video presentations and I-Mag presentations. High Definition monitors are also commonly used for wedding rehearsal and wedding day still image slideshow presentations. Zasu Audio Visual provides up to 80" High Definition monitors for optimal visual presentations. Single or Multiple presentation monitors can be utilized depending on the size of the audience.

What are the applications of projectors and screen rentals?
Projectors and screens are commonly used for power point / keynote presentations, still image slideshows, video presentations and live I-Mag presentations. Zasu Audio Visual provides different size Tripod and Fast Fold screens, depending on the dimension of the room. Single or Multiple screens can be utilized depending on the size of the audience, or the magnitude of the "Wow" factor.

What are the applications of a Video Wall rental?
Zasu Audio Visual provides any size constructed Video Wall for an optimal viewing presentation. Video Walls are commonly used for outdoor events, promotional presentations and displays, press releases or live I-Mag (image magnification).

What are the applications of LED battery operated Uplight rentals?
Battery operated LED Uplights are multi-colored lights that can be easily placed anywhere on the ground, shining a beam of colored light up a wall, tree, post, wine barrels, pillar, or any other structure that can support the beam of colored light. A wireless controller can also be used to fade between colors of the LED Uplights, or have them bounce to the beat of music. LED Uplights enhances any setting, especially color matching the theme of the event or wedding.

What about Audio, Visual and Lighting permanent installations?
With an experienced technical staff, Zasu Audio Visual provides design-build solutions for Audio Visual in the Hotel industry. This is typically only available when Zasu Audio Visual is the Hotel provider.