Lighting Rentals

Zasu Audio Visual provides lighting rental solutions for corporate events, general meeting presentations, bands, DJ’s, weddings, and theatrical performances.

Colored Accent LED Uplighting

Zasu Audio Visual utilizes industrial, multi-colored (RGB & RGBAW) LED Wireles Battery Uplights. Battery operated lighting is preferred in many venues as it allows light to be placed virtually anywhere and eliminate obtrusive cabling and potential trip hazards. Further, they require no additional power outlets. The LED functionality of the lights also eliminate heat issues commonly seen in older uplight fixtures.

Uplights add dramatic color to columns, walls, trees, caves, tents, ballrooms, outside landscaping, props, and change the entire theme of your event with vibrant colors. Professional Black Lighting Shields are also available and allow the light to be hidden and provide a professional, finished look to your décor.

Stage Lighting

Stage lighting is used to illuminate speaker panels, podium presenters, and various stage elements with professional stage spotlights or general wash lights. Zasu Audio Visual utilizes standard warm-white stage wash Par Lighting, Source Four Spotlights (also great for Stock Pattern or Custom Gobos), or colored stage wash. Dimming and Control Systems are used to allow maximum control for simple fading of lights or hitting cues during your presentation. Wash lights are also ideal for illuminating dark areas such as parking lots, walking paths, or other areas, which help to avoid potential trip hazards.

Manned Followspots

Manned follow spotlights are typically used in theatrical performances. It is often used for key actors on & off stage when audience interaction is necessary. All follow spotlight packages include a Zasu Audio Visual lighting technician for your performance.

Custom Gobos

Custom Logo and Template Texture/Pattern Projection is used in virtually every professional lighting project. “Gobo Lights” are commonly used for event names, corporate logos, bride & groom wedding initials, theatrical events, and template pattern gobos create dramatic effects on walls, ceilings, dance floors, and sidewalks.

Zasu Audio Visual maintains an inventory of hundreds of standard gobo images or will help to manufacture your unique logo or design in steel or glass gobos, which come in black and white or full color.

String Lantern Lighting

String Lighting (also known as Italian or Piazza Lighting) is ideal for illuminating Dining Areas, Dance Floors, and any other Outside social areas. String Lighting can be mounted to mobile poles, structural fixed beams, or trees. String Lighting can illuminate a large area while creating a warm ambiance that can be admired under the night sky.

Paper Lantern Lighting
Commonly known as “Japanese Lantern Lighting,” this type of lighting creates an elegant feel to your event. Zasu Audio Visual utilizes different sizes of round paper Lanterns and different drop lengths to add an artistic touch to any string of lantern lights. The end result is a memorable and classy appearance that visitors will remember.

Club Dance Lighting

Take your party event to the next level with professional club dance lighting solutions. Zasu Audio Visual offers a wide variety of moving spot heads, Technobeam scanner lights, LED lights, atmosphere lights, strobe lights, and LED dance floors with automated and intelligent DMX lighting fixture capability. Laser lighting is also utilized and integrated in club lighting as well with the use of fog/smoke. Zasu Audio Visual utilizes industrial high powered (Class 3B and Class 4) lasers which will leave a lasting and memorable impression on audiences.

Our experienced lighting designers can create stunning stage and theatrical effects with our programmable lighting fixtures that can pan, tilt, and move in any direction with a touch of a button. Co2 Special Effects, bubble machines, and fog machines are also available.