Video Production

Zasu Audio Visual originally began as a broadcast production company in San Francisco, CA. We continue to maintain a full staff of video production crew, which allows us a competitive and professional edge in the Audio-Visual marketplace. We specialize in Multi-Cam HD Production Services with Live Switching, Live-to-screen Image Magnification with our visual rentals, Corporate Video Production, and RED Digital Cinema Video Production.

For our live multi-cam meeting productions, Zasu Audio Visual offers Blackmagic Design and Panasonic HD switching capability and can include up to eight cameras to record your event. The live switched video output is recorded in an uncompressed HD video file for clients who wish to have a master recording of their event. Zasu Audio Visual also provides Isolated Camera recording (known as “ISO cam recording”) to provide individual raw footage video files of each camera at the event. This allows full post-production editing capability for projects requiring customized edits from the live event.

Multi-camera production is popular for recording conferences, keynote presenters, forums, live streaming video, musical concerts, and providing image magnification (projection).

Red One Digital Cinema Production

Zasu Audio Visual utilizes the same professional camera used on films such as The Hobbit, Thor, Ender’s Game, Transformers, and Pirates of the Caribbean. Shooting on the Red Epic Digital Cinema Camera with the Mysterium-X sensor, Zasu Audio Visual can either provide a Camera Operator or Director of Photography with an existing production crew or work in a directorial capacity in full charge of your production.

Zasu Audio Visual’s RED Epic Rental Package provides a Red EPIC-M Digital Cinema Camera, RED Viewfinder, Four REDMAG SSD cards (128GB/card), RED STATION REDMAG, Four REDVOLT Batteries with a charger, Element Technica Base Plate 15mm Rods, and Dove Tail, Tripod, On-Site Assistant RED Camera Technician (up to 10 hours/day).

Arri, Zeiss, and Canon L-Series (Prime and Zoom) Lenses, Lighting kits, audio microphones, Track Dolly systems, accessories are available at an additional fee.